Review of 2021 Census Topics

Closes 30 Jun 2018

Consent to Publish

While all responses received will be included in the analysis of this consultation, the ABS intends to make submissions publicly available to share views about the data needs of the Australian community.

If your submission identifies or names an organisation you have collaborated with, please consider obtaining their consent prior to agreeing for the ABS to publish your submission.

Information on what will be published

After the closing date of 30 June 2018, submissions received will be available on this consultation where your approval has been given.

By selecting Yes:

You give permission to publish your responses to the assessment criteria as well as who you are representing and organisation name (if applicable). Contact details, including name, phone number and email address will not be published.

By selecting Yes, but do not publish any parts that are identifiable:

You give permission to publish your responses to the assessment criteria only. Who you are representing, organisation (if applicable)and contact details will not be published.

By selecting No:

No part of your submission will be published.


Can we publicly release your submission after the consultation period?