Review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations

Closed 26 Jul 2022

Opened 29 Jun 2022


The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) jointly managed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Stats NZ, describes, and covers all occupations in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets.

Currently, ANZSCO is largely based on the 2001 labour market. The Australian government recently announced new funding over 4 years for the ABS to undertake a comprehensive update of ANZSCO (for delivery by December 2024) and commence an ongoing maintenance program in 2025.

The ABS is working with several Australian Government agencies to update ANZSCO and is currently inviting submissions on the following topics:

     Skills in ANZSCO
ANZSCO is a skill-based classification. Consultation with key users of the classification has identified that the way in which skills are reflected in ANZSCO needs to change to reflect how skills are used in the contemporary Australian labour market.

The ABS is seeking input on proposed options to address key areas of concern identified by stakeholders to ensure they are supported by users of the classification.

These proposed options if supported by users will be implemented over time with ABS’s position to be published later in 2022. This will include the intended timeline for implementation.

     Maintaining ANZSCO
The ABS has been developing a new approach to maintaining ANZSCO to reflect the contemporary labour market and better meet stakeholders needs. This public consultation seeks input on the core components of a maintenance strategy that could best support users to accommodate changes to different levels of the classification at more regular intervals.

The future ANZSCO maintenance program is scheduled to commence in 2025, following delivery of the comprehensive update in 2024.

How to make a submission
The submission guide and information papers are linked under the Related heading below.

The submission guide provides all the details required for making a submission and further background on the review of ANZSCO.

How to encourage others to have their say
We encourage industry, government, and education and training institutions to raise awareness of the consultation in their own communication with stakeholders. If you would like to receive materials to support promotion of this consultation via email, social media, newsletters or a website, please email

Any questions?
Please email with any questions on this consultation or for further information.


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