2022 Targeted Update of ANZSCO Proposed Changes

Closed 28 Sep 2022

Opened 1 Sep 2022

Feedback updated 8 Dec 2022

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) commenced public consultation on September 1 2022 on proposed changes to ANZSCO as a targeted update.

Public consultation ran for four weeks, seeking feedback on:

  • Construction-Related Trades Occupations
  • Emerging Occupations identified by the (previous) National Skills Commission that were unable to be included in the ANZSCO 2021, Australian Update.

The 24 construction related trades occupations were developed in consultation with the (previous) Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE), based on the following criteria:

  • occupations in ANZSCO Major Group 3 Technicians and Trades Workers at skill level 3
  • occupations with significant Australian Apprenticeships commencements
  • occupations traditionally associated with an apprenticeship pathway, that were not included in the 2021 update
  • the number of persons employed in the occupation in the 2016 Census of Population and Housing are significant.

Also included were a small number of occupations that were engineering-related rather than construction, but which also satisfied the above criteria.

For the remaining Emerging Occupations, these included Data analyst, Data scientist, Data engineer, Data architect, Logistics analyst, Fundraiser, Hazardous materials labourer, Patient liaison, Regulatory affairs specialist and Risk analyst.

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This public consultation generated 23 submissions from a wide range of stakeholder groups and sectors of the user community.

Construction-Related Trades Occupations

Continuing the review work that commenced in 2021, the ABS sought feedback on the proposed changes to be made to 24 Construction-Related Trades Occupations identified for review in 2022.

The ABS received one submission relating to the changes proposed suggesting additional changes.

Emerging Occupations

The ABS received 12 submissions during public consultation from a variety of organisations. Targeted consultation was undertaken with several stakeholders to discuss their submission in greater detail.  

Feedback on the proposed changes indicated strong support for the creation of new occupations in ANZSCO. Several submissions contained requests for minor changes to lead statements.

Ten submissions were received for occupations out of scope of this consultation round, however these will be considered as part of the upcoming Comprehensive Review of ANZSCO.

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2022 Targeted Update

The feedback from stakeholders has been considered and incorporated into the updated descriptions for the 32 in-scope occupations targeted for review in 2022. The resulting ANZSCO 2022, Australian Update was released on the ABS website on 22 November 2022, along with a complete list of classification changes made for this update.

Construction-Related Trades Occupations

Two new occupations were added – Fire protection plumber, and Furniture maker.

Concerns were raised about the potential overlap between Formworker and Concreter and whether these are two distinct occupations. Consequently, these occupations will be further reviewed during the Comprehensive Review to identify the most suitable placement within the classification. Similarly, Shopfitter was not seen as a natural fit with carpenters and joiners due to the difference in materials with which they predominantly work and will be further considered during the Comprehensive Review.

Emerging Occupations

Based on feedback received through public consultation and stakeholder engagement, the ABS implemented changes to the lead statements for Data analyst, Data scientist and Regulatory affairs manager.

As a result of this review, the ABS created four new occupations for Data analyst, Data scientist, Supply chain analyst (Logistics analyst included as an alternative title) and Regulatory affairs manager. Proposed changes to Hazardous materials labourer and Fundraiser will be implemented during the Comprehensive Review as they require changes to the structure of ANZSCO.

The following occupations will be reviewed during the Comprehensive Review of ANZSCO – Data engineer, Data architect, Risk analyst and Patient liaison.

Future ANZSCO updates

Submissions related to occupations that fell outside the scope of the 2022 targeted update were not reviewed this round. These submissions, along with recommendations held over, will be considered as part of the forthcoming Comprehensive Review of ANZSCO. The Comprehensive Review is due for completion by December 2024.

Further details on how to participate in the Comprehensive Review were published 7 November 2022 on the ABS website.

If you would like more information, please email updating.anzsco@abs.gov.au



2022 Targeted Update of ANZSCO Proposed Changes

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is jointly managed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Stats NZ. It describes all occupations in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets.

While ANZSCO has previously had some minor updates, it largely reflects the original 2006 version, which was based on the 2001 labour market. Some occupations have not changed much over this period, others have changed considerably, and new occupations have emerged. 

The ABS is working with several Australian Government agencies to update ANZSCO and is currently inviting submissions on the following targeted update

  • Construction-Related Trades Occupations
  • Emerging Occupations identified by the National Skills Commission (NSC) that were unable to be included in the ANZSCO 2021, Australian Update.

Why are we consulting?

This consultation process is an opportunity for users of the classification to provide feedback on the proposed changes for inclusion in the ANZSCO 2022 Australian Update due for release in November 2022. This round of consultation is the final public round before the release and will remain open for four weeks.

Submissions are sought regarding any inaccuracies, unintended significant impacts of the proposed changes to occupation groups, as well as any key implementation issues for users. Alternative suggestions accompanied with documentation and evidence to support your claims are encouraged.

How to make a submission
The submission guide and lists of proposed changes (marked up in red) are linked under the Related heading below.

The submission guide provides all the details required to make a submission and further background on the review of ANZSCO.

How to encourage others to have their say

We encourage industry, government, and education training institutions to raise awareness of the consultation in their own communication with stakeholders. If you would like to receive materials to support promotion of this consultation via email, social media, newsletters or a website, please email anzsco.maintenance@abs.gov.au

Any questions?

Please email anzsco.maintenance@abs.gov.au with any questions on this consultation or for further information.


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