ASGS Edition 4 Consultation

Closes 1 Sep 2024

Opened 29 May 2024


This questionnaire asks for your feedback on the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS). The ASGS is a classification of Australia into a hierarchy of statistical areas developed for the release and analysis of statistics and other data. The ASGS is updated every 5 years to account for growth and change in Australia's population, economy, and infrastructure. The most recent publication of the ASGS is Edition 3 which was created to facilitate the release of the 2021 Census. ABS Maps offers a visual representation of all ASGS Edition 3 statistical areas.

Why your views matter

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) values your feedback. It helps us make changes that ensure our statistical releases deliver high quality and timely data. This questionnaire asks about your use of the ASGS, what you like and dislike about it, and any suggestions on how the ASGS could be improved. The ABS will use your feedback to inform future ASGS design decisions, with a focus on the updates required for ASGS Edition 4 which will facilitate the release of the 2026 Census.

If any of the questions in this questionnaire are not relevant to your use of the ASGS, or you would prefer to not answer, please select ‘Not Applicable’.


The Collection Notice explains the collection and use of personal information as part of the survey through the ABS Consultation Hub (Citizen Space).

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