2021 Census Lesson Guides

Closed 29 Oct 2021

Opened 5 Nov 2020


Thank you for taking part in this survey on the 2021 Lesson Guides and accompanying activities.

We want your feedback on how you found the Lesson Guides to educate your students about the Census. Your views are valuable to us and help to improve our future support resources.

There will be an option to provide your personal details if you would like to be contacted about your responses, take part in other Census related surveys, or share how you have used Census data. The ABS will not disclose your personal information to anyone. 

This is a short survey and should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

Please note: the contact email can only be used for queries about the Lesson Guides and not general enquiries, and will only be checked sporadically.

What happens next

Survey responses will be collected throughout Census year. These responses will help us understand the following:

  • how educators found out about the Census Lesson Guides
  • the backgrounds of educators
  • who attended the lessons
  • how often educators tailored the activities to suit their audience


  • General Public
  • Stakeholders


  • Customer Feedback